Lake Lure’s population has been growing slightly over the past ten years. This trickling influx has largely been the responsibility of Evan Delaney, although most of the inhabitants of the resort town remain unaware of Delaney’s true nature and motives. In fact, Delaney’s mundane identity as a kindly local innkeeper is a mask for Lord Evan Brightstar ap Gwydion, a Sidhe Baron in the Duchy of the Triangle.

The population influx is due to a number of changelings answering his call to build a new freehold that is a safe place for the Kithain. Lord Brightstar hosts several hunters who roam the outlying lands and watch for tourists who are nearing chrysalis. He employs both Enchanted and Kithain agents to bring those of his kind to Lake Lure permanently. There are also numerous Kithain among his court ready to offer tutelage to those recently-awakened arrivals.

It is in this manner that Lord Evan Brightstar seeks to draw together a vibrant community of Kithain, protect them from the ravages of Autumn, and turn back the tides of Banality to stave off Winter.


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