An Introduction to the Court



Seelie.png Brightstar Lodge is the manor of Lord Evan Brightstar ap Gwydion. The Baron is a vocal member of The Peoples’ Voice, and views himself as a protector of his people first and a ruler second. He looks upon every Kithain as his family, and values the input of every individual in governing Brightstar Lodge.

Unseelie.png Brightstar Lodge has the mortal seeming of a very old hostel on the Lake Lure beachfront called Lakeside Inn. “Lakeside Inn” was claimed by Lord Brightstar when he arrived ten years ago to the area and joined the Lake Lure Town Council. He strode into the main hall with a balefire torch, lit the hearth, and has been seeking to gather all of the disparate motleys around the area into a household ever since. He has been moderately successful in doing so thus far.

Notable Kithain of Brightstar Lodge

An Introduction to the Court

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